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Shelving for auto parts and tire shops

Tire carrier application

SERIES 2000 shelving can be configured for use aimed at storing tires for cars, motorcycles, vans, etc....

The basic configuration is that of standard Series 2000 shelving, starting with the single side panel, consisting of 2 uprights and 2 crossbars.

For each pair of tire-holder profiles, an additional crossbar should be inserted in the sidewall at the same height as the obtained track.

Each tire-holder profile, is interlocking mounted on top of standard hooks, single or double, depending on the sidewall.

Once embedded, the profile must be compulsorily secured by the stability bands at the junction with the uprights. The bands will then be secured by the self-drilling screws provided. In the absence of this fastening, the profile can easily become dislodged as a result of accidental impacts and cause danger of falling and collapsing the structure.

It is advisable to ask the technical department in advance for the right configuration according to individual needs before purchasing.

Handling and storage of materials shall be exclusively manual and the use of mechanical handlers or forklifts shall be excluded.
The profiles, up to a nominal size of 140, follow the lengths of the shelves of the rack, to also allow the composition of mixed spans (continuous surface shelves for storing various materials, interspersed with pairs of profiles for storing tires).

Upon request, it is possible to have profiles that exceed the length of the shelves.

The maximum allowable size of the profiles, is 1770 mm.
Thus, if the need is to obtain spans of nominal lengths greater than 140 cm, the shelving will be formed by pairs of profiles, but intermediate shelves will obviously not be inserted.

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