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Shelving for food storage

Strenght meets speed and versality

Shelves can make the difference in a successful store because they allow you to present the product in the best possible way. Quality displays also allow the efficient use of space, easier cleaning and convenient access to products by customers, which will thus be facilitated at the time of purchase. The purchase of shelving must therefore be considered and take into account some fundamental aspects:

- Flexibility of the selected display system; that is the level of versatility of the shelving, in fact some models can be modified through customized configurations.

- Functionality of the purchased shelf; therefore pay attention to the actual functionality of the chosen product.

- Mobility of elements, know if the type of shelving you need must be fixed or mobile;

- Type of product, that will be exhibited or stored; since the shelves must be able to support the weight of the goods.

In the food sector, storage is a fundamental step, as it requires particular care and attention. Whoever has the task of managing a food or beverage warehouse knows that they must be able to keep the products in the best possible way, in compliance with the rules of hygiene and traceability. For this reason, we have created ad hoc Food and Workshop Steel Shelving Units: 2000 Series.

The 2000 series, in the white surface finish, allows the creation of shelving suitable for the storage of food packaging or packaged foods, in environments such as industry and food distribution, company or community canteens in general, wherever it is necessary to provide storage, conservation or handling of packaged foods.

The non-toxic white PVC film that covers the shelves resists low temperatures and has such hygienic characteristics as to allow it to be used in cold rooms, for the storage of packaged food, in supermarkets, bars, food shops, catering public or hotel in general.

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