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Since 1965 Cremonini has represented a solid company in the field of shelving production with high quality standards and competitive price-quality ratio.

Cremonini was born thanks to the ingenuity and stubbornness of its founder Virgilio Cremonini.
Currently, the company is led by the founder's 3 sons.

It all started with the realization, for a local publisher, of  small bookcases, and then developed into the realization of a completely interlocking modular system, capable of satisfying any need.

From industrial storage to archiving to family use.

At the same time he began designing profiling machines for industrial uses and for the construction of his own product

Where we come from

The first self-built industrial profiling machines

A history of quality and solidity

Among our flagship products are industrial racks. These products generally feature variable structures depending on the type of end products to be supported. They are versatile products made entirely of steel to meet the needs of any business. Industrial shelving thus possesses a high storage capacity and can be assembled and moved with ease. The possible uses of these shelving units are diverse and generally involve large corporate areas, trade fairs, commercial spaces or laboratories, warehouses, stores, professional offices, public agencies, etc..

The range of accessories we offer, also allows the creation of open display cabinets, ideal for trade fair presentations of garments and their accessories. Specific customizations, such as side or rear closing panels, can also be provided for realizations with an "industrial" character and a distinct hi-tech touch.

Per gli spazi commerciali “outlet”, l’estrema versatilità del prodotto, offre soluzioni modificabili a seconda dele esigenze stagionali. La velocità con cui può essere riconfigurato il prodotto, rende estremamente efficiente la gestione delle aree vendita, da parte del personale addetto.

For commercial "outlet" spaces, the extreme versatility of the product, offers solutions that can be modified according to seasonal needs. The speed with which the product can be reconfigured, makes the management of sales areas, by the staff in charge, extremely efficient.

The technical department is at your complete disposal to find the most suitable solution to your needs and customization requirements. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we at Cremonini, ensure that we offer our customers high quality standards, timely assistance for every need, and guaranteed aesthetic performance, thanks to the careful finishes and continuity of surface between floors

For more than 50 years

This approach has enabled us to obtain quality system certification according to ISO 9001:2000, issued by the authoritative body TUV (since 2002).

In 2015, the Bologna Chamber of Commerce honored our company for the long commitment and quality of work expressed over the years of service.

This is a great and important recognition for a company that has been able to cope with countless changes in the market, adapting year after year and recognizing the right sectors on which to focus its investments.